Our Team

Palma Soap is made up of University of Edinburgh students, and is part of Enactus Edinburgh.

Meghan Ingram, Project Leader: I am studying Psychology and Sociology and joined Enactus in September 2016. As one of three international projects at Enactus Edinburgh, Palma Soap is characterised by a great team, working hard to ensure we positively influence the lives of others. Being able to tackle so many issues with such an ingenious and innovative solution is what first drew me into the group and I am incredibly excited for the future of the project.

Sarah Aron, Project Scotland Coordinator: I am an International Relations student at the University of Edinburgh. I joined the Palma team because I loved how so many complex issues could be tackled with such an easy solution. This year I have helped organise schedules and workshops to prepare for our trip to Malawi in January. The trip was inspiring, motiving, and reignited my passion for social justice.  I’m proud to have watched Palma accomplish so much this year, and cannot wait to see its progress in the future! 

Callum Wadlow, Project Scotland Coordinator: I am studying Economic History with Business, joining Enactus in January 2018. The Palma Soap project stood out to me since I had spent the previous summer volunteering on the outskirts of the Kruger National Park, SA, seeing first-hand some of the issues associated with mosquito-transmitted diseases and the lack of effective repellents available to the vast majority. My role is to focus on the Development and Research in which I hope to make a significant difference for both the beneficiaries and the growth of the project.

Linn Lagerholm, Project Malawi Coordinator: I am in my second year of studying International Relations and International Law and I joined Enactus in October 2016. I instantly became interested in Palma Soap as it spans over several areas that are important to address such as social sustainability and healthcare. My main tasks in the project have been to help organize fundraising and prepare workshops. I am looking forward to new challenges this year with our growing project.

Timothy Noelanders, Fundraising Manager: I am an exchange student in the Law faculty of the University of Edinburgh. I joined Enactus at the beginning of the academic year 2018/2019. One of the reasons why I decided to join Palma Soap was because of its “double-win” aspect: the beneficiaries create their own source of incoe while the users of the soaps avoid being infected by diseases such as malaria; all of this in a sustainable way. Who does not want to be part of such project?

Rain Chiang, Project Philippines / Project Malawi Coordinator: I am a second year Economics and Politics student at the University of Edinburgh and this is my first year in Enactus. Living in the highly developed and welfare rich UK is a far cry from the infrastructure poor and impoverished country I call home. Mosquito-borne diseases still claim millions of lives yearly and this fact alone should catch the attention of those wishing to make actionable and positive change in the world. I believe many beneficiaries stand to profit from and enjoy healthier lives through this Enactus initiative. Resource rich countries like the Philippines and Malawi already grow the key ingredients for the product and have a strong local demand for its preventive qualities. They only require the entrepreneurial assistance that we, in Enactus, can provide. I joined Enactus because I believe in the structure they provide social enterprises and hope I can contribute my skills to create real change.

Hannah Gearing, Marketing Manager: I am a second-year History undergraduate and this is my first year joining Enactus. The Palma Soap project is special to me because not only does it tackle such a large issue and present a solution, but there is also a personal connection for me. A few years ago, I had dengue fever, another mosquito-transmitted illness. However, I was fortunate enough to have access to top-quality healthcare and so recovered quickly – which isn’t the case in our target location, Malawi. As such, I am looking forward to working on such a great project that is really taking steps closer to preventing mosquito-borne illnesses, that also creates job opportunities in the community.