Our Partnership


In September 2018, Palma Soap formed a formal partnership with K2 TASO, a Malawian NGO based in the Mtunthama community of the Kasungu District. Founded by Peter and Jacqueline Minjale, K2 TASO provides high quality HIV treatment and prevention services as well as  residual spraying programs for Malaria prevention. The catchment area that K2 TASO operates in includes 120,000 people with a 12% malaria rate.

Services provided by K2 TASO include education, stigma reduction, testing and counselling, provision and distribution of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART), group therapy, clinical treatment, nutritional and agricultural support, and hygiene support

These activities are supported by 60 home base caregivers, and HIV testing counsellors which K2 Foundation has trained. K2 TASO also works in close partnership with the Malawi Nurse Exchange Program from Vanier College, and a US NGO Bridges to Malawi.