Who We Are


Palma Soap is a social enterprise developed in partnership with the University of Edinburgh’s Enactus society. Its eight dedicated members include university students of all backgrounds. While we range from first to final year of university, and study everything from neuroscience to sociology, each of us is committed to making change and improving lives.


Our soap is comprised of all natural ingredients including olive oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, neem oil and lye solution. Neem oil, which constitutes around 3.5% of our recipe is the mosquito repellent additive, repelling mosquitos and other insects for up to 8 hours.


In September 2018, Palma Soap partnered with a Malawian based NGO, K2 TASO to combat the harsh impacts of Malaria in the Kasungu district and surrounding areas. K2 TASO is an established organization working to reduce the cases of malaria through residual pesticide spraying and information/awareness sessions, two preventative methods which have so far decreased the percentage of malaria impacted individuals from 12% to 3% in Mtunthama, one local community.


The harsh ramifications of malaria in Malawi are substantial. 70% of patients admitted to hospital are for cases of malaria, and the disease accounted for 22% of deaths of children under the age of 5, thus becoming the leading cause of death for under-five children. For those that can afford them, mosquito nets are the only source of protection. The need for an affordable and novel preventative method can not be ignored.


In January 2018, with the help of our partner organization, K2 TASO, three of our members introduced 13 beneficiaries to the production, packaging and sales processes of Palma Soap. As well as soap making sessions, we carried out business, finance, sales, and marketing workshops with the 13 ladies we worked with, providing them with entrepreneurial knowledge they otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to. With a 12% profit these 13 ladies sell the bars of soap they have produced to local communities and surrounding areas at £0.25/bar, supplying individuals with a source of protection and themselves with a source of income.



The future of Palma Soap is incredibly exciting. We are constantly expanding, looking for ways to include more beneficiaries and team members, sell more bars of soap, work in more areas, do more good.